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What is a Support Broker?

What is a Support Broker?

How can we help?

Housing counseling offers valuable guidance on both home ownership and rental options, catering to both individual and shared housing scenarios. Housing counselors can provide insights tailored to your needs and financial situation. 

Housing Counseling Services in WI

By working with a housing counselor, you gain a better understanding of your housing choices and can make informed decisions that best suit your lifestyle and budget. We can help you understand the pros and cons of each option, navigate the complexities of mortgages or leases, and assist in creating a budget that aligns with your housing goals. 

Counseling and assistance in identifying housing options

Financial resources and determining affordability

Identifying preferences of location and type of housing

Identifying accessibility and modification needs

Assistance with application and appeal processes 

Explaining the rights and responsibilities of a tenant with disabilities


Benefits of Housing Counselors

RentSmart certified

  Knowledgeable of Fair Housing Laws

We deliver excellent


   Informed on the latest housing trends and resources

Offer hands-on assistance with navigating each process

Housing Counseling

Locations in WI

Community Horizons recognizes the value of skilled and seasoned housing counselors. That's why we prioritize local knowledge, ensuring our counselors are well-acquainted with the community and attuned to its unique needs and resources.

  • Brown

  • Outagamie

  • Portage

  • Waupaca

  • Wood

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